Bread in the Mediterranean: An 80-page Luxury Edition of the European Art Museum

“A little bread, a crust, a crumb

Can keep the soul alive”

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

Bread has been praised more than perhaps any other food item throughout human history. And rightly so, because it is not just a means of nourishment, but an integral part of the tradition, culture and heritage of each place. As the basic means of survival, especially in earlier times, it is closely linked to people’s lives, so that its presence goes beyond the narrow context of food. Bread is a means of religious rituals and accompanies customs and traditions at every highlight of everyday life: birth, marriage and death.

The publication of the European Bread Museum of the Folklore Society of the Varnavas Museum (Municipality of Marathon) attempts to convey in its 80 pages, mainly through the power of images, the importance of bread in the Mediterranean and in the regions with which the Mediterranean shares a common path through the centuries. The images of bread as a means of food, but also as a kind of exhibited art from countries of the Balkans, North Africa, the Near East, but also Russia, Georgia and Ukraine show the common perceptions, lifestyle practices and highlight the particular living conditions and the uniqueness of each people’s culture.

As a record of culture and tradition, this effort aspires to be a small contribution to bridging peoples, building friendship and cooperation in difficult, turbulent times. Most importantly, it is a reminder that for ordinary, everyday people in every part of the world, feelings, difficulties, hopes and dreams are common and that there is much more that unites us than divides us. Like blessed bread…

The book which is bilingual (Greek & English) is available from the organization at its headquarters (7 Androutsou 7 Varnavas, Attica) at the price of fifteen (15) euros as well as in bookstores in Athens.


The bilingual (Greek & English) album presents fifty-two “embroidered breads” and forty-seven designs from Greece and abroad.

Year of Publication 2007

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Nutrition & Health

The book contains the proceedings of a symposium on Nutrition and Health. Participating in the lecture series are the Folklore Society of Varnavas Municipality of Marathon, the Interactive Folklore Museum of Varnavas, the European Museum of Artos, the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Marathon, the Centre for the Study of Greek Folklore of the Academy of Athens, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the Agricultural University of Athens, the Association of Karditsiotes of Attica, the Association of Thessalians “Deucalians”, the Committee for the Struggle against the Grammatikou Foundry, professors and political scientists.

Year of Publication 2011

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Worshipful Bread

The book contains one hundred and fifty (150) religious – devotional breads – breads and vows, from institutions of our country and abroad (prosphora, traditional breads, monastic breads, Breads dedicated to the saints, loaves of bread, Christmas and Easter breads, baptismal, engagement and wedding breads, buns for the best man, for the bride’s gifts, etc. The publication is bilingual (Greek & English) and is introduced by the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, Hieronymos II, who inaugurated the exhibition at the Barnabas Museums. This is a “jewel” book – an album, highly informative about the devotional bread with many years of research. The book – scrapbook “Worship Bread” is currently available from the church bookstores (Apostolic Deaconry, 2 Dragatsaniou Pl. Klathmonos – Agathos Logos, Lagumitzi 42 N. Kosmos, Lyhnos, L. Veikou & Messinia 2 Galati, Christian Education, Themisos 4 Marousi), IANO (Athens Stadiou 24 – Thessaloniki Aristotelous 7), Votoria (Athens Gravias 3-5 pl. Kaniggos) and the offices of the European Art Museum in Varnavas (Androutsou 7, 2295097870).

Year of publication 2016

For orders please contact us at 22950 97870 or

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