The Museum

The European Bread Museum was founded in 2005, in order to proudly present to the public a many years lasting collectable project.
An old mansion in Varnavas was turned into the Museum of Bread. The Museum displays over 3000 items of embroidered Bread, from Greece and 50 other countries


The goal of the Museum is to introduce especially to the children, the circle of bread, from sowing and kneading to the table. Alongside, the Museum aims at to present us a vast variety of bread embroidery patterns as they have been preserved and passed on from one generation to the next through the centuries.

The designs differed from one area to the other; even families had their own distinguished bread embroidery. Special embroideries were also used on special occasions such as wedding days and religious festivities.


The exhibits of the E.B.M. (European Bread Museum) in Varnavas Attica Marathon Municipality consist the largest collection of embroidered and religious bread in Europe3000 unique and constantly enriching exhibits represent the Greek tradition as well as 40 countries from all over the world. The originality of the exhibits can be admired in their designs, shape and sizes.


Apart from this rare collection the visitors of the Bread Museum are also presented with:

  • The recreation of land cultivation (sowing, ploughing, harvesting, weighing and transporting).
  • The recreation of “bread circle” (kneading, molding, embroidering, baking).
  • The agricultural implements.


Other services that can be offered in the Bread Museum:

a) The Museum shop, where visitors can buy replicas of bread embroidery and relevant books.
b) Traditional coffee and pastry shop.
c) Traditional Greek cuisine (on order).

• In addition, those interested can order embroidered breads and sugar almonds for engagements, weddings and Christening ceremonies.

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